What Are Japanese Bento Boxes Used for? (History, Rules, Meaning)

Bento is a kind of meal that may be ordered to be taken out for lunch or supper in Japan. This service is similar to that offered in the United States. Because the bento is kept and sold in boxes, the business is appropriately named Bento Box. This sort of takeaway is quite popular, and you can get it just about anywhere: at railway stations, convenience shops, theatres, shopping districts, and even vending machines. For instance, if you purchase a ticket to ride a bullet train, you have the option of either purchasing Bento boxes to bring on board with you or just sitting back and relaxing while a seller brings the food to you.

It’s interesting to note that when these trains come to a halt, the bento boxes are refilled with freshly prepared food, as is customary on Japanese trains. The wonderful thing is that the dishes that are provided vary depending on the variety of produce that is available in the area. You may also find guidebooks for sale to assist you keep track of where bento boxes are sold, what they contain at each visit, and other relevant information. This is because the experience can get very complex due to the numerous different options and adjustments that are available.

When travelling around Asia, you will come across a great number of eateries that provide bento. Japanese businesspeople may easily get a bento box and have their lunch in a condensed space thanks to this convenient option. In addition to this, bento boxes are often highly visually appealing and vividly coloured. These paper sacks are typical of quick food restaurants in westernised nations, yet these boxes are in no way comparable to those bags. These are exquisite, and they often have hand-painted designs.

The bento boxes are filled with nourishing cuisine, which often includes a meat, rice, veggies, and pickles in some combination. Because each item has its own separate compartment, the meals are able to maintain their high quality and the tastes do not get muddled. Some bento boxes feature a wood grain finish and come with lacquered trays that may be arranged in a variety of configurations within the box. These sections may be removed without any effort, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Bento boxes come in a variety of sizes. For instance, you may locate one that has a square shape and is ten inches in length but only two to three inches in depth. Some varieties of bento boxes are sold along with a pair of chopsticks in the same style as the box. Bento boxes may also be purchased in a container similar to a soup bowl, which typically has a diameter of four and one-half inches and a depth of two and one-half inches. Your preferred broth may be stored in a container with a cover, where it will remain warm until you are ready to consume it.

You may acquire your own bento boxes if you want to provide guests or members of your own family a memorable experience when you serve Asian cuisine in your own house. These containers may be found with a variety of compartment depths and widths. Serving Asian cuisine to your guests out of the traditional bento box makes for a more genuine presentation of the cuisine.

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