Who Are the 3 Chinese Gods? Fu, Lu, Shou Symbol Meaning

Lu, Fu, and Shou are the names of the three gods of the stars.

The god of high-ranking wealth and prosperity is known as Lu. He is often seen cradling a little infant in his arms. This represents our hopes that our children will be happy and healthy, as well as our expectations that the present and the future will bring us good fortune and great hopes. In addition to this, Lu is often shown with a sceptre that represents power and wealth. He is the one who opens doors for us to take advantage of in order to advance in our lives and earn greater benefits for ourselves.

The god of prosperity and contentment is known as Fu. He is also known by the name Fu Hsing on occasion. You will be able to beg Fu for favours on the 20th day of the 7th moon. He is usually always shown as being taller than the other two Star Gods, and the majority of the time, he is portrayed to be a whole head taller than both of the other Star Gods. Gold is a symbol of riches, and Fu, the Star God of happiness and prosperity, is shown holding the gold emblem.

The Star God Shou is associated with health and longevity. Shou is easily identifiable by both the size of his head and the fact that he always has a peach in one of his hands. It is stated that this particular peach only blooms once every three thousand years, which makes it a symbol of immortality. It is believed that having one’s wedding during the month in which the peach tree blooms is a good omen for a long and happy marriage.

Feng Shui and the Star Gods 

Both preventative and corrective measures may be taken to improve one’s life using the Feng Shui methodology. To defend yourself, your luck, and your house from the effects of the poison arrows and the shar chi, it is necessary to activate a variety of Feng Shui defences. This will ensure that you are well protected.

It is important to keep in mind how important it is to have a reliable compass as well as a notion of how you are attempting to reshape your life. You will need this direction and aim in order to be able to prepare your strategy for reshaping your life. It is not enough to scatter gods and bagua mirrors all over your area; doing so will not safeguard you or your good fortune; rather, you will need a well-planned strategy in order to make any headway.

It is important to keep in mind that although there are times when more is better, at this moment, it is more important to comprehend and work within the design of the lo shou of your house. This will aid you in preparing and activating your safeguards, which will bring your other luck into fulfilment.

The combination of the Three Heavenly Kings is revered as a good omen by people of Chinese descent all across the globe. Put these three Gods of the stars on a surface that is higher than a table in order to differentiate them by making a statement about the reverence they deserve. The three star Gods each represent a different constellation in the night sky, and during the course of the year, they are honoured in particular ways on certain calendar months.

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